Corona Treats- Playa Careyeros

Posted by Kimberley Keehn on

This is my FAVORITE local beach.  It takes about 15 minutes to get here from Sayulita.  We have been coming here for many years, collecting wood and grilling fish over a driftwood fire, floating in the gentle waves (no surf here), or beach-combing for shells.

Just last year a restaurant opened here, Barracuda, and the beach just got better.  You can either sit up in the restaurant, or down on the sand and receive full service.  In the old days we would haul the cooler and the umbrellas and the food and the grill top.  Now we just show up and chill. Same beach new vibe.

This picture is from my birthday, a Tuesday afternoon, and the beach was deserted.  If you come on the weekend its more likely to see other beach-goers, but most weekdays you can  enjoy a quiet day at the beach.

PS The sun sets over the ocean there!

PPS Here's a google map of how to get there:

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