Top Tip: Statement Jewelry vs Minimal

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There are all kinds of women with all different preferences when it comes to jewelry.  Since Sayulita Sol Jewelry opened, we have met the challenge of designing a little something for every woman.  The energy that this creates is a shop full of juxtapositions, and the ability to break small boundaries in our customer’s sense of beauty.  One of the simplest preferences among jewelry shoppers is between minimal designs and statement.  Today I want to share my thoughts on wearing both, together.

Sayulita Sol Jewelry

I personally love statement jewelry.  There is always a bit of oversized bold jewelry in every collection.  But I prefer to combine every statement piece with minimal jewelry, I think it creates the perfect “opposites attract” balance.  When women are trying on a pair of big wild earrings, and ask me for a matching necklace suggestion, I will always steer them to something dainty. If it’s a colorful Frida Kahlo necklace being tried on, my advice would be a thick silver hoop or a smaller matched earring. 

I think a good rule of thumb when using statement jewelry, combine it with something minimal. 

Some examples of statement paired with minimal from our online collections:

Kelly hoop earrings, matched with a dainty Isla necklace

Kasia black pearl earrings matched with a Luna black pearl necklace

Isabel earrings paired with an Isla pendant on a chain.

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