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There is a lot of different information circling around the web these days.  Its really unfortunate that many people feel that they can no longer trust what they read, even when shared by people they love.  Often I am completely overwhelmed by the amount of contrasting information being shared by my community.  I keep coming back to the same place, no one knows.  No one knows the answers right now.  I don't want to get into the different rabbit holes out there, you have seen your share I'm sure.  But I am beginning to look at all of it like a mindfulness meditation.  I use mindfulness to approach the bombarding ideas. When you are meditating or praying (or just taking a time out), often times random thoughts come up, like "what should we have for dinner".  Mindfulness teaches us to accept the random thought, and let it go. Return to your breath, in and out. 

So this is what I am doing with all the flood of information.  I'm greeting it, letting it go, and returning to my breath.  Returning to myself, asking who do I want to be moving forward, looking at aspects of my life and seeing what works and what doesn't.  By taking care of myself and my inner dialogue, keeping peaceful, hopeful, and centered in my family;  I believe I will be a better activist when we are able to move about in the world again. 

This is what I want to share with everyone:  You don't need to decide what you believe right now.  No one has all the information.  You can just pause and wait.  Take care of yourself.  Look inside and get to know yourself better.  Practice mindfulness.

Some free apps I really love to help me cope and stay centered:

Beatfulness is my go to app when I feel overwhelmed. There is a breathing section and many different audio beats to listen to on headphones.

Headspace is an amazing mindfulness app for beginners and advanced meditation. I use the paid version I like it that much.

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