Insider Tips: Jewelry in the Workplace

Most women have begun the journey of owning jewelry as children, starting our collection with small and affordable pieces. At Sayulita Sol, by keeping this in mind, we are inspired to create pieces that are accessible to all budgets.  At the same time we take care to maintain the quality of the materials we use to design our creations.

The jewelry business that started as a hobby for Kimberley, is now an example of a successful small business, serving as an example to women in Mexico and abroad. Apparently the secret was to respond to the needs of her clients, creating exclusive high quality designs.

The current globalization in sales has allowed her to gain fame not only in Sayulita, Nayarit but also around the world, where you can buy her pieces online. We currently serve orders from all over the world. It is precisely because of the need to change and grow, that we have expanded our jewelry online. We hope it will be an equally incredible experience for the clientele that we receive at our physical boutique, as well as our customers online.

Today we are focusing on jewelry that you can wear every day, including pieces that are not so expensive, yet do not take away from their sophistication. We hope in the end  it will be easy for you to identify what type of jewelry you would choose for your daily routine, most of all to accompany you to work.

Here are some options: 

  • Luna necklaces with discreet small gems can be worn in combination with your outfit or the color of your nails.
  • We also love simple drop-shaped Isla earrings woven from a 14kt gold-fill thread. 
  • If you want to step up the sparkle we recommend our Julianna line, especially in black. They offer an ideal work day sophistication.
  • Our new Galaxia line would be ideal for winning a new contract or standing out during a presentation. 
  • Fine bracelets made from gems in striking colors to match everything. 
  • Our minimal Element Collection is great for everyday use in the workplace. 

With all the options mentioned, you should consider that the ideal method is to put together a color palette of accessories for work so you can have 4 or 5 jewelry options to mix and match from: 

At Sayulita Sol we recommend achieving a mix of options with the following guidelines (in your chosen color palette):

  • Mix large with small, if you choose big hoops combine them with a dainty chain pendant.  Or a large chunky necklace pairs great with small gold hoops
  • Use your neckline to determine whether you wear one simple necklace or stack a few.
  • Try matching your outfit to your jewelry instead of the other way around
  • It's totally acceptable to wear the same jewelry everyday, we love designing pieces that you don’t have to ever take off

One thing that differentiates us from other jewelers is our international background. By being inspired by the country where each of us was born, we are filled with our own unique traditions and handcrafted elements.  We always source the best gems and the highest quality materials in our price point.  Almost everything is manufactured by hand in Sayulita. Although this does mean there are small variations in each jewel, you will always have an exclusive piece.

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