Corona Treats- A Social Distancing Survival Guide from Sayulita Sol- Volume One

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Over the last few days our lives have changes from normal to chaos in the span of a few short days. Is that an understatement? I've currently deleted both Facebook and my favorite news app from my phone, in an appeal to try and find balance.  It didn't work. I don't feel comfortable harping on and on about why you should buy my jewelry, when I'm actually more concerned about everyone in my Sayulita Sol community staying safe and healthy.  Hence was born this experiment. I want to share things that make me laugh, things that you can do while you're home more often, and a little behind the scenes of what's going on down here.  I'm aiming for posting daily! Stay tuned!!

Kimberley Flor


What's actually happening right now in Sayulita?

As I am writing this I am social distancing at home by choice, most of Sayulita is still open to the public although the tourism is much quieter than its been in years.  The local government has put out a sanitation decree for restaurants and hotels, and has also closed all bars and movie theaters.  All schools in the entire country are closed for the next month.  There are many who believe that Sayulita isn't going to be affected based on our latitude below 22 degrees north, and there are others who are staying home voluntarily until we have more information. 

The team at Sayulita Sol was in the midst of designing out spring jewelry line, prepping for the spring photo shoot, and all the other plans that come along with Spring arriving to Sayulita!  All of that has been put on hold while we wait and see how the virus affects our community here in Nayarit.  In the meantime here is a sneak peek of some of my favorite arrivals this spring:


 Stay safe! Wash your hands! Drink lots of water! And please let us know your thoughts in the comments!



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