Corona Treats- Have you ever tried Chilaquiles?

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I've been enjoying chilaquiles for breakfast as long as I've lived in Mexico.  Everybody makes them differently, and there is literally no wrong way to make them! They are made from three main components. First, tortilla chips; you can either use the store bought kind or make your own by frying stale corn tortillas in oil until crispy. Second, the sauce; this is where everybody has their secret ingredients. I like to make mine from dried chiles I roast in the toaster over along with an onion and a tomato.  Canned enchilada sauce is also a great option!  Third, the toppings; there is a myriad of things that can go on top of chilaquiles.  Cheese, onions, cilantro, lettuce, cabbage, fried egg, shredded chicken, pickled onions, radishes.  The sky is the limit!!  I did some research with my friend google and found this recipe that I think sums up the ease of making chilaquiles.  Try it out!! Once they're ready close your eyes and imagine you are eating them barefoot with your feet in the sand with a chicken or two clucking around for an authentic mexican beach vibe.

 Let us know how it goes!! And stay healthy out there!


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