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In this time of timelessness I am proud to say I have been sticking to the 5pm rule and holding out to have a sunset cocktail.  Ironically I started the month off calling it "Sober March".  COVID-19 changed all that...

My very favorite cocktail is a Margarita.  I am definitely a connoisseur, and have tried them all over town, airports, bars and restaurants world wide.  There is an art to making the proper balance of sweet to sour. I prefer to order a skinny margarita instead of the over-sweet versions.

The most important ingredient to making your own margarita is FRESH LIMES. It just isn't the same without them.  My friend Michael used Limeade from the store, and that's a pretty good alternative.


Skinny Pat's Margarita-on-the-Rocks Recipe

1 part tequila (I prefer reposado)

1 part Orange Licor (Contreau works great)

1 part fresh lime luice

Add a shot of each to a tumbler with lots of ice.  Shake well and serve in a salt rimmed glass with more ice

Let us know what you think!!

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  • Your funny miss sober March! Miss our Maggie’s together! Have one for me or 2?

    PAT on

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