Corona Treats- From Outside to Inside

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Good morning from sunny Sayulita! Its just crazy how blue the sky is, palm trees swaying, waves crashing, ocean breeze, none of that stops.  Part of me wishes it would be grey and drizzling out there since I'm working from home, but in all honesty I'm thankful for the fresh air and have been taking solo walks everyday to get outside.
I was using my horse training as my main exercise, but yesterday the equestrian center closed for 2 weeks.  I went and fed my horse Hermes some apples in the afternoon and won't be able to go see him until they open back up again. So now I have to figure out a new way to stay fit. I kind of wish I could bring my horse home for the duration and be like Arnold in the video he posted on Twitter.


So I have been thinking of other ways to do exercise in my house.  My son Obsidian is doing this whole video workout that involves lifting weights which he has improvised by using bags of beads that I have here for jewelry production.  I do own a jump rope. 

What I think I look like jumping rope:

What I actually look like:

What are you doing for movement? Send me some ideas!! And here are some more photos of happier days with my horse Hermes:


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