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Diego and I celebrated our eight year anniversary this past September, but because of Covid we didn't really get a chance to do anything.  For a few years now we have been sharing experiences over purchasing gifts.  One year we took a hot air balloon tour over San Miguel de Allende for example. In late January I decided to surprise him with a stay-cation trip to Hotel Basalto in Punta Negra. I had heard about the spot from a friend, it's located at a secluded beach that I love. 

We arrived on a Sunday afternoon and were greeted by cold lemonades.  The decor was gorgeous and that alone melted any stress we had carried along from pulling ourselves out of our regular life.  The staff was so attentive, from the very beginning of our stay until the end. Because we went during Covid everyone was wearing a mask at all times.  Although there were other guests staying at the hotel we really felt like we had the installations to ourselves. 

Our room was beautiful, the design, the linens, and the wild horses roaming outside of the windows. After leaving our bags in the room we headed up to the rooftop to explore.  There is a sky bar and lounge seating, as well as a long dipping pool.  We ordered lunch and drinks, and hopped in the pool.  We spent the afternoon lazing by the pool, snacking and having cocktails.  Later we ordered room service from the hotel restaurant and ate it by candlelight on our balcony.

The next day we ate breakfast by the lower pool, closer to the ocean.  We spent the morning exploring the local beaches and just spending time together without our computers, cellphones or daily pressures. 

In total we spent two days at the Hotel Basalto, and both of us are excited to return again.  If you are looking for something to do outside of Sayulita, I highly recommend spending a few nights here. It was the ideal getaway.

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  • That’s a beautiful description of that trip! Love it!

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