Travel With Me- Ecuestre Bucerias

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I like to write about one local spot each week, and this is the place where I spend the majority of my time, outside of my jewelry studio. Ecuestre Bucerias is the stable where I board my horse Hermes, located a few minutes outside of Bucerias. Its currently closed to the public due to Covid regulations, but if you happen visit while the stable is hosting an event I highly recommend checking it out.  And if you are a horse person and want to train here in Bahia de Banderas, this is a great spot for lessons in horsemanship, equitation and jumping.

I started riding when I was young, and competed locally near Philadelphia.  After an injury I took a break from the sport for twenty years, and started back a few days after my fortieth birthday!  Three years ago I leased my first horse, Galan, and began to ride six days a week.  A year later I bought my own horse, and named him Hermes.  He and I have been training regularly for almost two years now, and I just adore him.  The classes I take require my body to be in top shape and having a horse to ride everyday has truly saved me during the last year of lockdown. 

I thought I'd share some of my favorite pictures of us together:

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