Summer and Friends Go Hand in Hand

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All of my favorite summertime memories are interspersed with the people I shared the experience with.  At this stage in my life summertime had become a time for travel. My son's had his school vacation, the international tourist scene slowed in Sayulita, and it was a time for finding new inspiration elsewhere.  We have spent our summers all over the world, visiting friends, family, making new acquaintances. 

This summer is different.  First my son is twenty and I no longer need to plan my schedule around his. Second, well COVID.  I am staying close to home, nurturing my business and team.  With social distancing a central part of this summer I've been finding new creative ways to celebrate summer with friends.

Co-working is my new favorite thing, especially as an entrepreneur. I am actually co-working right now as I am writing this.  Working together yet separately on our own projects is fantastic for productivity.  Plus you have people to bounce ideas off of in the moment. Zoom is a pro tool for socially distanced co-working. I am planning to co-work at least once a week this summer. co-work with Sayulita Sol Jewelry

Choosing my "friend pod" has been another way that I have been able to socialize.  I have a small group of close friends who I meet with in person. They are all staying close to home same as I am, and by slowly opening the circle of people I interact with I am able to share a bottle of wine and laughter with people I care about.  I am not ready to go to big gatherings or return to pre-COVID life, but it has been a joy to interact with my friend pod.

Sayulita Sol Jewelry

Celebrating summer with friends was an integral part of my childhood.  Making string friendship bracelets to wear year round was one of my first jewelry memories.  When designing jewelry for this season I focused on that essence of sharing jewelry with friends as an inspiration for the pieces. Out of this concept I created the Maia line, jewelry to be given away to your best friend.  Pieces that have meaning and can be worn by a group of women to show their connection to each other.

Kyanite set by Sayulita Sol Jewelry

The Maia line is made of sets of simple pendants and earrings. The pendants are strung on an adjustable black cord and can be worn any length. The collection consists of seven different properties and the gemstones that represent them. Love is represented by pearls.  For Friendship I chose blue Kyanite.  Red Garnet has a long history of being used for Health. Shells of all colors and cuts bring the wearer Tranquility.  Amethyst brings Clarity to the wearer.  Luck is attributed to Opal.  And Gratitude is represented by Peridot.

Mother of Pearl Set by Sayulita Sol Jewelry

Click here to see the entire Maia line! Let us know what you think!


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