Empowering Women Series: Featuring Jill Sawchuk

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Welcome to our empowering women series, featuring beautifully-unique women in the Sayulita Sol community!!  Each cycle we are featuring a different woman.  We created a set of questions for each one to answer, allowing us to get a inside view into her life and goals.  This month we are featuring Jill Sawchuk, founder of Living Loving Yoga, located on Vancouver Island in Canada.  We are so excited to be a part of this project, let us know your thoughts!


    Kimberley: Tell me about yourself, who are you, where did you grow up, etc:  

    Jill: I grew up in Edmonton, and started working and saving to get out of there by the time I was 14 years of age! I wanted to see more of the world and once I started traveling I was hooked. Eventually, I ended up in Mexico and met the love of my life. We settled in Sayulita and both our kids were born there. When they were school age we decided to move to Vancouver island for them to have a taste of something else. That is where we are still living today 8 years later.

      Kimberley: What do you do for work? 

      Jill: I have been teaching Yoga full time for over 20 years. It is my passion and I love what I do!  I can hardly call it work. Recently I have developed an online program including all the best practices I have found and bundled them into 8 weeks of learning that anyone can do from anywhere.  Sharing this new course is something I am super excited about as it feels like a way to really empower people to develop a practice of their own.

      Kimberley:  What do you do in your free time?

      Jill: I love to go for adventures, I love to get out in nature (hiking, swimming, surfing, walking, camping, etc.). I love spending time with my children, going to a comedy night with my husband, hanging out with girlfriends, meditating, or sometimes I just love to take a nap!

      Kimberley:  What inspires you?

      Jill: People who live their life to the fullest. I am inspired by people who live from their heart, who make a difference, who access their creativity and express themselves.  Nature is also my inspiration.  And I think the greatest source of inspiration for me is my practice.  I always discover new bits of myself when I look inside; and that inspires me.

      Kimberley: What are your goals?

      Jill: Oooooo good one!  My goal is to start a Podcast this year 2020!  I also am moving in the direction of writing a book. Eeeek! I guess overall my goal is to get out of my own way and let my voice be heard. 

      Kimberley: Why do you choose Sayulita Sol Jewelry?

      Jill: Sayulita Sol Jewelry has always been about beauty, elegance, and innovation for me. Flor always has something fresh. Every time I see Flor’s collections I stand in awe at the beauty. Not only the jewelry but her care to detail, the way it is displayed, and the energy and excitement she brings to her work.  I can see her attention to detail. It is clear in her work that she cares about quality and integrity and she truly wants her customers to be happy with what they choose. Also, I have always appreciated that behind Sayulita Sol Jewelry stands this beautiful, strong, kind intelligent woman. I love it when a woman can rock it as an entrepreneur.

      Learn more about Jill Sawchuk by visiting her website: http://livinglovingyoga.ca/

      Stay tuned for more amazing women from our community! Want to be a part of the series? Send us an email: info@sayulitasol.com

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