Corona Treats- Now what to eat??

I have to admit I like to eat out! Living in Mexico its so easy, delicious and relatively affordable.  Presently that has all come to a halt and now we are eating all of our meals at home.  There are three of us here in the house, my 20 yr old son Obsidian, my boyfriend Diego and me. Everybody has been taking turns cooking, which has been GREAT!

I wanted to share my FAVORITE app for cooking.  I've used this app for years now.  It's called Mealime.  I love it because it lets me enter in food preferences and allergies, and then create a healthy menu based on our diet.  It gives me an exact shopping list of what to buy and substitutions if they don't have leeks that day. The best part is each recipe takes around 30 minutes, not hours. Here's the link to their website.

I also swear by my instant pot.  We make lentils and rice on the regular, usually adding some extras; italian themed, indian themed, etc.  This last time Obsidian took over and sauteed mushrooms and onions with soy sauce first.  I had my doubts about Asian lentils, but what can you say to a 20 yr old who's cooking you lunch? He added 2 cups of brown rice 2 cups of green lentils (rinsed) with 5 cups of water and a tablespoon of bouillon.  He pressure cooked for 15 minutes, did the quick release method and it was literally THE BEST EVER.  It all gotten eaten so fast. So soy sauce and lentils is delicious.

Finally I wanted to share this video about making Dal that Tan from Queer Eye posted on his Instagram.  So simple! And he's so cute letting us into his kitchen. Check it out!





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