Corona Treats- Homemade Watermelon Cocktail Syrup

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This week I took my son food shopping with me, something I usually try to avoid because I end up spending double.  He asked to buy watermelon, and it seemed like a great idea to me too.  The only problem was once we got home and tried to watermelon we realized it was unflavored and almost inedible.  I hate when that happens! For the next five days I looked at the half a sour watermelon in my fridge and contemplated what to do.

So if you read my Margarita post last week you know I'm a fan of afternoon cocktails.  I recently bought a bottle of top shelf Mezcal at an local street fair before any of this began, we now call this period "the olden days".  I kept looking at that watermelon and the mezcal and wanted to make something.  So here is what I did:Watermelon Margarita

I used the heart of the watermelon, if you had a riper melon you could probably use all the way to the rind. Even with just the center it filled my blender to the top. I blended on LOW. I have a Vitamix blender so I was able to blend on low and tamp down the watermelon.  I didn't need to add any water.  By blending on very low speed the seeds all stayed whole!! I added a half a cup of sugar.  You could add more sugar here, but I wouldn't add less.  At this point I had liquid watermelon with all the whole black seeds spinning around in my vitamix.  I strained the mess through a fine colander and ended up with sweet lightly pulpy syrup.  I nervously tasted it and it was DELICIOUS.  Store in a glass jar in the fridge up to a week.

Now the good part!! The cocktail recipe! My favorite part... Skip the alcohol for a refreshing agua fresca!

1 shot alcohol (I chose mezcal)

2-3 shots homemade watermelon syrup

juice from one lime

Add to shaker filled with ice.  Shake for 15 seconds all pour in ice filled glass.  I poured mine into a tall glass and added water. Diego drank his in a whiskey glass on the rocks. Obsidian had his lemonade style without the alcohol shot and with added water.  Let us know if you try!


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