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The last few months have been a roller coaster ride on the information highway.  We closed one of our boutiques, the super cute Marlin boutique (we did scoop up some of the custom furniture for our Revolucion boutique).  We have been more active in adding products to our website, and have been shipping all over the world.

The local government required all non-essential businesses to close back in March. We at Sayulita Sol moved our office and workshop to each of our homes and continued to design, photograph, and upload lots of new jewelry during the months of March, April and May.  We donated a portion of every online sale to Sayulita Cares, a local food bank, and offered $10 gift certificates to all of our customers during May.

In late May we were notified that we could re-open on June 1st, as long as we registered on a government website and followed certain protocols in order to remain open.  The inspectors came by and checked a few weeks later, and presented us with our municipal sticker certification to remain open. The list of requirements is as follows:

    • to wear masks at all times
    • to use an infrared thermometer at the entrance to the store for both employees and customers
    • to offer hand gel
    • to wipe down jewelry and electronics like credit card machine after every customer
    • to mark the floor with social distancing reminders for groups of customers. 
    • we are also using the same standards of hygiene when we pack the boxes to ship to our customers. 

There are so many different approaches to this disease, and we wanted to share something written by our owner about all the changes and protocols:

When I was a little girl my grandmother Erma, bless her heart, taught me how to hook my seatbelt in my arm so it LOOKED like I was wearing it to avoid a traffic ticket. She HATED wearing her seatbelt, felt restricted and uncomfortable, she was middle aged when seatbelt laws came into effect so she just couldn’t ever adapt. Now that I’m middle aged I definitely wear my seatbelt automatically at all times. I can honestly say I am alive today because I wore my seatbelt the day I rolled my truck.

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