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This year I wanted to do something new with our holiday guide!! I've decided to share with you some of my favorite things, made by people I adore, and available online! It's so important this holiday season to shop small, or as my friend Deidra from WishingStarPottery said, "When you buy from big box stores no one does a jig when you make a purchase.  When shopping small the maker feels BIG joy because of your purchase choice".  I can honestly say that our whole team does a jig with every sale that comes in! So let's all spread more of that this holiday season. 

One thing I am obsessed with is pottery! I love collecting pieces from my different journeys and then I am reminded of the experience when I'm having my morning coffee.  My friend Brittney from Evoke the Spirit has some great options on her site, I love these water jugs with cup, perfect for keeping on your bedside table, the mug moonlights as a lid to the carafe.  Also in love with these mezcal cups from Project Artefakto, which look perfect paired with this mezcal vessel!

Sustainability is another value I often look for in gift buying, check out these kits by my friends Willow and Indigo from Carry-On Reusables.  Each zero waste kit is made using recycled materials, and includes all you need to avoid single use plastics throughout the day.  I also highly recommend these awesome guitar string bracelets made from recycled guitar strings.  Hannah collects strings from over 200 musicians and upcycles them into wearable jewelry.  A must-have gift for any music lovers 

Literally anything from Manyana is on my holiday list, starting with this roll-top backpack or their hip Mexico T-shirt.   It probably helps that my son Obsidian models for them, make sure to check out all their photos of him.

Finally our gift list wouldn't be complete without our recommendations from the Sayulita Sol store! I've made a Holiday 2020 Gift Collection, with all of my gift ideas! I'll be updating it as the days go by and you can view it here or via our the homepage on our website!!

Sayulita Sol Holiday Gift Guide

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