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Next time you are in Sayulita we'd love for you to stop by and say hi!  Sayulita is a great spot to spend a week or even an afternoon! Here is an excerpt from an article on Sayulita shopping from Sayulitalife.com

"Over the past 10 years Sayulita’s shopping scene has changed drastically.  Sayulita Sol Jewelry, the first jewelry store, open its door ten years ago when Calle Delfin was still an unpaved dirt street. Today it is a palm-lined promenade hosting a plethora of shopping boutiques!  Sayulita has become a beautiful, bustling downtown with an incredible selection of shopping opportunities.  Where else can you find 45 locally-owned shops offering a diverse array of hand-selected merchandise within a four block radius?  Often people ask us what is there to do in Sayulita? Shop!

What is the best part of Sayulita's shopping scene? We would have to say the diversity.  There is a distinct style found in each Sayulita shop that can't be found anywhere else.  Another great part of Sayulita shopping is the central location of all the boutiques.  The majority of the stores are located within 4 blocks of each other, making Sayulita a great day-trip shopping destination.   Vistors certainly do not need a car to shop in Sayulita, and most of the sidewalks are handicap accessible.  One can visit almost all the best stores in a 2 hour shop-a-thon, with time for lunch and a margarita to spare." Read More