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How to describe the jewelry we make!?

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 Interior of Sayulita Sol Jewelry, 2014!

Interior of Sayulita Sol Jewelry, 2014!

Lately I've been thinking a lot about how to describe our jewelry.  There are so many types of jewelry out there, what words can I use to describe mine?  Especially so my customers can find me when they are looking for my products.  With the advent of the hashtag phenomenon I can't tell if it is easier to label my work, or more complicated.

Do you use hashtags?  At first I was totally against the idea, couldn't really get what they were for.  But now I love them! Such a great way to help people find me! #beachstyle #sayulitajewelry #madeinmexico  These are all ways I am starting to describe the jewelry I make.  The only downfall is a lot of my customers don't use hashtags, and get annoyed by them.  So I don't use them as much as I would like.  

 Some kewords we use to desrcibe Sayulita Sol Jewelry.

Some kewords we use to desrcibe Sayulita Sol Jewelry.

I am starting a brand new project of launching a Spanish language website here in Mexico, and now I am trying to figure out my keywords in Spanish! I am so excited about this project!  But, if I thought it was hard to define myself in English I am totally stumped in Spanish.  I do consider myself bilingual, but describing my jewelry in Spanish is a major challenge! Slowly but surely I am coming up with some great words!  The interesting part is that what people search for in Mexico isn´t the same as what they search for in the USA. So culture really does play into the online shopping community!

What words would you use to describe my jewelry? Feel free to comment below!

Have you ever been to the Tucson Gem Show?

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This was my tenth year traveling from Sayulita to the Tucson Gem Show.  Definitely my favorite year so far! The weather was gorgeous, the prices were fair, and I met up with lots of old and new gem world friends.  If you are in the jewelry buying world, and have never been to the Tucson show you are missing out on an amazing buyers experience.

 Vermeil Bezel Gemstones including agates, druzy, onyx, turquoise, and chrysoprase

Vermeil Bezel Gemstones including agates, druzy, onyx, turquoise, and chrysoprase

One of my favorite parts of the Tucson show is the desert location.  There are amazing sunrises and sunsets everyday.  Waking up early to do my inventory while watching the sunrise over the city was a daily inspiration.  Or coming out of a buying tent to watch the sunset over the parking lot was just as fabulous.

 Sunset over the Gem Mall parking lot

Sunset over the Gem Mall parking lot

Another fascinating aspect of attending the gem show are all the mineral specimens.  Quartz crystals 15 feet tall, jade tables, geode bathtubs, dinosaur bones, entire petrified trees, etc.  Every year I am amazed by what is found inside the earth.  I feel lucky to get to see and learn about such cool earth science!

And of course there is the buying!  Choosing what to buy, and what not to buy, is the hardest work of the whole trip.  There are so many amazing options.  I find over the years I have stuck with a few solid suppliers and do most of my buying with them.  The are thrilled to see me every year, and I know I get awesome prices by returning to them.  But there are always surprises and new designs that pop out at me and become part of our next season's line.

The Tucson Gem and Mineral Show has been around for 60 years.  What started as a small show for gemology buffs has become the largest gem show in the United States.  Really it isn't just one show, it is over 40 shows all in unique locations throughout the city.  Filling hotels, parking lots, tents, and street corners, the show takes over the city for the first 2 weeks of February every year.  See you there next year!

Birthstones and Jewelry

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Customers often ask us about their birthstone.  Most people feel restricted by having to choose just one stone.  But the truth is there are many stones for every month and astrological sign.  Wikipedia has some great information about birthstones, including a birthstone poem published by Tiffany & Co. in 1870. The truth is that this list was created in the English speaking Christian world.  But did you know the rest of the world has birthstones also? Here is a great list of international birthstones.

What inspires me?

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I crave inspiration.  I value inspiration as a key to my personal happiness.  There is a lot that inspires me. Sitting on a subway in NYC people watching and sketching jewelry ideas.  Nature plays a big role in my jewelry design; sunrise, sunset, an overgrown jungle trail, a rainstorm, a waterfall, a tropical wildflower.